Standard installation and demonstration of equipment is £45. 

Wall mounting of TVs starts at £60 for up to a 32" set.
Above 32" starts at £120.
This will include trunking to hide the wires.
Wall brackets are not included in the installation price, but start from around £20 for 'flat on the wall'.

Around £30 starting price for tilting,

Around £40 starting price for articulated (on an arm so it comes out from the wall and can turn and tilt) 
Larger sets will require bigger, more expensive brackets. but we have plenty to choose from in many sizes.
HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface.
The connection used by many appliances for the transfer of picture, sound and control.
A.R.C - Audio Return Channel.
One HDMI socket has the ability to sent sound OUT to a soundbar / home theatre system.
M.H.L - Mobile High definition Link.
Mobile phones and tablets with the right connection can feed the picture and sound of the device to the TV.
Screen mirroring - Also called Miracast, Similar to M.H.L but without a wire.
Only officially supported on Android 4.2 and up, also windows 8.1 and up.
X-Reality PRO - Powerful processing takes place to cut down picture noise and give a clearer image.
Motionflow / Motion XR - The refresh rate of the image on screen, Usually followed by 100 / 200 / 400 / 800.
Higher values can result in a smoother moving image.
B.M.R- Backlight Motion Rate.
Typically ranging from 100 to several thousand Hz.
Higher values can result in a smoother moving image.
4K / UHD - 4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition) is an enhanced image of up to 4 times the resolution of high definition content, Resulting in a huge improvement in picture quality.
Active / Passive 3D - The 2 different technologies of 3D TV.
Active uses glasses that 'flicker' alternate eyes open and shut to match the TV frames. Usually bigger, heavier glasses that require a small battery to power them.
Passive uses filters that are polarised different from each other, There are no batteries and are lighter to wear.
Both types work well but technically Active is better, being capable of the full frame resolution.
SMART - 'smart' devices can connect to the internet, Giving great features such as BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, YouTube, Netflix, Skype, Facebook and Twitter amongst other things.
'smart' devices usually use a feature called D.L.N.A which stands for Digital Living Network Alliance.
This means you can play media from your home computer or tablet / smart phone direct on the screen when you are on the same network.
HDR - High Dynamic Range, With more brightness information within the content, You see images with much more detail, contrast and colour.
Cello C1920FS
HD Resolution
Freeview HD Tuner
Satellite HD Tuner
Intergrated DVD Player
HDMI Input
2 x USB Inputs
Headphone Output
Price £179.99

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