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14th March -

Guildford transmitter.   This may affect you if you live in Abinger, Shere, Holmbury St mary, Gomshall, Wotton, Westcott, Ranmore and certain high parts of West Dorking.
21st March -

Crystal palace transmitter.   This may affect you if you live in Abinger, Shere, Holmbury St mary, Gomshall, Wotton, Westcott, Ranmore, Dorking, Holmwood, Beare green, Newdigate, Capel, Leigh.

Midhurst transmitter.    This may affect you if you live in Holmwood, Beare green, Newdigate, Capel, Leigh, Cranleigh, Horsham.

Reigate transmitter.     This may affect you if you live in Reigate, Redhill, Betchworth, Brockham, Dorking, Holmwood.
18th April -

Crystal palace transmitter.   Smaller relay stations get changed.  (possibly Tower hill in Dorking and Mickleham)

Guildford transmitter.

Hannington.    Very few people who live around Dorking tend to be on this transmitter due to its distance but there are some who are.  It tends to be people living on a hillside that faces South east where they cant get a London transmitter. A typical place may be on the south face of Boxhill, Perhaps near the pebble hill area.
If you do lose channels due to being in an affected area, All you need to do is retune your equipment (Don't forget any recorders you may have, Also note that certain recorders will forget any timers you may have set so you will need to enter them again afterwards).

All TV and Recorder menu systems are a bit different so its not easy to list every method of retune, But the basic method is to bring up a menu by pressing the button on your remote control  'Menu / Function menu / Home'. 
Some Humax recorders will have a big Blue button which has a big Y on it instead.

Now search for something like 'Settings / Setup / Installation'.

Then 'Tuning / Auto tuning'

Some equipment will warn you that you will lose your channels, Don't panic as you DO want this to happen.

Now leave the equipment for a few minutes while it retunes, Depending on the product this can take 2 - 10 minutes.

Your equipment may then give the option of selecting a 'region', Most of the time we leave it set as default but for certain customers it may give the option of 'London' or 'South' or 'West' etc.  Choose the most appropriate one if prompted.
All information is for guidance and areas mentioned above are not certain to be covered by particular transmitter.
More information about the 'Clearance events' can be found HERE.
During the 1st half of 2018 there will be 'Clearance events' on many of the frequencies which will allow improvements to mobile phone services, This means that you may experience loss of channels on your Freeview products depending on your location.  Satellitte and Virgin media customers will be unaffected by this.